Jostec offers complete production line solutions tailored for the needs of the customer. From starting with the rolling of the dough to finishing with the loading and handling of the baking trays. Our equipment is suited for diversified handling and treatment of doughs, from trendy, gluten-free thin bread doughs to traditional yeast doughs. We offer solutions for forming the dough, decoration and fermentation and the handling of the baking trays. We will design and build a production line that fits the needs and demands of the customer. We aim to expand capacity and optimise the bakery premises by designing a bespoke line for efficient prodution in collaboration with our customer requirements.


Roll-out sheet feeder optimised for wet and gluten free doughs. For example, crispbread, gluten free pizza. Thickness 1-5 mm.
Homogenisator as an option, for mixing of new and rest dough.
Make-up table with numerous accessories.

Roll-out sheet feeder for dry and gluten free doughs with calibration.

Dough sheet 1-8 mm. Suitable for various hard and dry doughs, for example laminated pie and pastry doughs or gluten free and calibrated doughs.

Gentle roll-out sheet feeder for wheat doughs. Handling in several stages with intermittent rest/prove phases. Suitable for yeast-based doughs, for example rolls and soft buns. Thickness of the dough sheet min. 2 mm.

Roll-out sheet feeder for wet and loose doughs. Cuts the dough band into single pieces. After several phases of handling and rest/proving, the dough will retain its rising properties and generate the best result. Excellent for ciabatta doughs and rolls.  Thickness of the dough sheet up to 2 mm.


Make-up table with all necessary features. The length of the table is defined by the chosen accessories.   Cutting, turning, folding, rolling, filling with jam, surface decorating and space for manual handling.

Surface decoration unit as part of the production line. Sprinkling, brushing with egg, pasting and seeding, also available as an option re-circulation of surplus decoration material.


Single way loading system, which fills the trays or a transversal cross conveyor. Fills the tray in a single motion, for example, after the roll moulding machine. It is possible to adjust the conveyor speed, the filling distance and the filling delay.  The standard equipment offers a filling distance of, at most 700 mm and a conveyor belt width of 650 mm.

Two-way loading system, which fills the trays in both longitudinal and transversal direction. You will get full benefit of a diversified production by using a two-way loading system. The filling distance is up to 700 mm and conveyor belt width up to 650 mm.

Pulling tray loading system for industrial applications. Fills the peel boards or conveyors of the filling system. Suitable for direct oven feed equipped with a grate conveyor. Filling distance up to 4 mtrs.


Handling of trays after the production line. Lifting of trays from the trolley, covering the tray with parchment paper – the products are transferred to the tray – filling of the baking surface and automatic transfer. Capacity up to 800 trays/h. Suitable to a limited extent for baguette trays and moulds.

Continuous parchment paper feeder for the production line. The raw dough pieces are placed on the parchment paper and the paper is cut between the product rows. The product group on the cut paper will be transferred to the next treatment step.

Equipment for feeding of paper onto trays and peel boards. Suitable for closed circuit tray handling systems. Width of the paper roll is 800 mm and length of the tray up to 2 mtrs.


Reliable and durable cooling spiral. External transmission enables almost any variations of feeding and output of the products.